Leasing office space doesn’t have to be hard.

Good Signature is a one stop shop for all your office space needs.

What kind of spaces do we offer?

We specialize in designing cutting-edge, custom spaces that fit our client’s needs and reflect their personal tastes, workflow patterns, and company values. Our goal is to meet your office space needs, no matter what they are. We offer move-in ready office space, custom office space, executive office space, traditional office space, retail spaces, restaurant spaces… all at great values, great tenant amenities and flexible lease terms.

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What is creative office space?

We remodel traditional, tired, offices into vibrant, cutting-edge, open spaces. Many of our spaces feature stained concrete floors, museum whites with bright accent colors, and state-of-the art lighting, and technology. Our spaces are designed to cater to the work habits of young, growing companies that need great space to attract talent and value collaboration.

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Why should I lease a custom office?

Many real estate companies offer you 5 colors of paint and 5 different carpets to choose from. We work with you to design a cost effective space that meets your unique needs and reflects your companies brand.

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Do I need a broker?

While we are extremely happy to work with real estate professionals, not having a broker allows us to spend more money on your space. We are the quickest in the industry. We pay your broker an industry standard commission within 1 week of receiving all completed paperwork. Our leasing process is Tenant driven and extremely simple. We don’t have complicated leases that take an attorney or real estate professional to decipher. Unlike most leases which are designed to extract the most money from the Tenant, we offer simple, tenant friendly leases that have fixed rates, no pass-through charges and no CAM charges, etc.

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How do I lease an office space?

Our leasing process is the most simple in the industry. Click on the properties link at the top of the webpage and select the state you are in to identify the Building you would like to be in. Then click on the “Property Details” button of that building and the website will take you to a table that has all of our available spaces at that property (including plans, pricing, and photos). Call us and set up a tour of the spaces that you would like to see.

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Do you have regular office space?

We offer flexible lease terms. Our leases are short, simple, and to the point. Our move-in ready spaces offer the most flexible lease term at 1 year. Our custom-designed and built spaces will have leases from 3-5 years depending on the amount of finish-out, with 4.5% annual increases. If you don’t have a broker, we may be able to offer you free rent to help defray your moving costs.

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